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About Vennd

Vennd is a new mobile app that makes it easy and fun for couples and friends to find and buy products that everyone likes. Vennd lets people join into ‘buying circles’ where they can view and swipe on the products they like – we do the work for them and display the products that everyone has liked, so it’s easier to come to a consensus on purchasing decisions. Welcome to the world of consensus shopping.


Join our growing community

Oftentimes we make decisions about what to buy with other people – whether shopping for wedding supplies, furnishing a new home, or something else. However, figuring out what everybody likes can be a pain, and takes more time and back and forth than it should. That’s why we launched Vennd – to make it easy for people to shop with others, and quickly figure out what everybody likes. We’re thrilled to invite you to share your products and services with our growing community of people who are shopping easier, together.

Meaningful Partnerships

We want to make shopping as easy as possible for our users, and that’s why we want to partner with as many great brands as possible. Our model is to show your products to our users, so they can easily make purchases – we aren’t in the transaction business, and don’t ask for any commission on purchases made by our users. All we ask for is a regularly updated stream of products so that our customers can always access the best deals you offer.

Our Venndor partners include:

Let’s get started

We’re excited to get your products to our user base – send us a note and we’ll be in touch right away to discuss how to move forward with our partnership.

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